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Data modeling for Penumbra transactions.

This crate defines data structures that provide modeling of shielded transactions through their entire lifecycle:

  • the TransactionPlan type completely describes a planned transaction before it is created;

  • the Transaction type represents the shielded transaction itself;

  • the TransactionView type represents a view from a particular TransactionPerspective (e.g., the sender or receiver) of the cleartext contents of a shielded transaction after it has been created.




  • A hash of a transaction’s authorizing data, describing both its effects on the chain state as well as the cryptographic authorization of those effects.
  • Authorization data returned in response to a TransactionDescription.
  • A compatibility wrapper for trait implementations that are temporarily duplicated in multiple crates as an orphan rule work around until we finish splitting crates (#2288).
  • A transaction ID (hash), the Sha256 hash used by Tendermint to identify transactions.